Yes, we were pleased with our visit. You were prompt in responding to our parking lot arrival and your assistants and techs were very pleasant. Dr. Carson answered all our questions and will feel good about developing a relationship with your hospital.

Linda S.

The entire staff at the Bark Avenue Animal Hospital is the best.

Elaina D.S.

I love the Doctors at Bark Avenue, they are all so nice and genuinely care about my little babies. They are helpful and always willing to suggest natural supplements when appropriate.

Michael J.

A wonderful visit again. Your covid concerns are top notch and the staff is so knowledgeable & friendly. I won’t take Daisy or Boots anywhere else 🙂

Bobby S.

The staff is exceptional! Everyone is extremely friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I love that I am presented with different treatment options and that they go above and beyond to help choose the correct course of action when necessary. Also SUPER appreciative that they had preventive care appointments available on a Sunday.

Heather S.

I always know my dogs are going to get quality care when I bring them into Noe’s Ark clinic, and our last visit was no different! Thank you for treating our Zena so well!

Connie D.

I was very well pleased with the service very professional and you can tell they love their Customers Animals!!! I’ve been going there for 4 yrs I am very well happy service!!! The only thing that I don’t like about it is it’s a new doctor I got used to the other one for four years hopefully she’s just as good🙏🙏

Carol Anne F.

Service was quick and friendly

Derric L.

Thank you for taking good care of our fur baby.

Melissa B.

We are satisfied with the care we get for our elderly sweet dog, Moxie. Dr. Bley has followed his care with compassion and spends whatever time we need to understand how to best care for him. We will be so glad when we can be physically present during his examinations rather than wait outside due to the pandemic. We think Bark Avenue has done the best that can be done under the circumstances. All of the techs and office help are equally pleasant and helpful whenever we have prescriptions to refill or other needs that arise.

Kristin K.

The vet was very nice and Willow didn’t come back scared. She made sure Willow was well taken care of and I the techs that came out to the car were so very sweet and helpful.

Ariana V.

Always polite, professional and good with our pets.

Audrey C.

Dr. Noe is the best. He explains all options and has genuine care and compassion for each pet.

Rosalee T.

Witbe happier with the level of service, care and support that we get from the entire staff. I likely call the clinic upwards of 15 times each week and as a result can vouch for the professionalism that we receive each and every time. Thank you to the entire staff for all of their help with our rescue animals!!! HART

Eric B.

I always feel my pup gets the best care when I take him to Bark Avenue. He is always excited to see everyone and is never scared when we pull up. I go to their feed store the resort and the Hospital all great experiences!!!!

Amanda B.

I am very grateful to Bark Avenue Veterinary surgeon and all the staff there at Bark.. I have so much respect and faith in your knowledge and capabilities . Billy Joe is a wonderful little being and I would be devasted has he not been given the care and service he has received at Bark… I thank you all very very much and would recommend Bark to anyone and everyone.

Glennis F.

Thanks for taking such good care of Ruger and for providing a safe experience during covid.

Kolleen F.

Thank you for providing Harry’s meds. It is so convenient for me and your staff are a pleasure at all times.

Dan B.

Visit was great! Staff were professional and took great care of our pet during the visit.

Tammy F.

Yes we were very satisfied. The staff & Dr. we’re very friendly & explained all procedures. Thank you.

Bobbi C.

The best Veterinary services I have ever experienced. Excellent organized pet care during Covid. Just love Dr. Brown. Great staff as well. 😻

Jo-Ann H.

Thanks so much for taking such great care of Albie, Yen and Axii!

Ellie U.

The entire staff were both competent and responsive to my dog’s condition and needs.

Stephen S.

Everything went great and was easy.

Tyiesha T.

All the staff are extremely positive, caring, and helpful. I highly recommend Bark Avenue and especially Doctor Bley!

Patricia B.

I am so tickled that I found Dr Ainsworth and his staff, they take such good care of Jager, I know when I call in for his meds. They strive their hardest, to make sure, I get it in the most efficient time. I also am thrilled of the care that Dr Ainsworth and his staff put in to taking care of Jager, I realize that my dog is ill and given the age of 13 I won’t have him forever, but they have certainly done everything they can to make him more comfortable. I would highly recommend, Bark Avenue to anybody that is looking for a good place for their dog, for medical treatment , check ups, and anything else that should need the attention of Dr Ainsworth and his team.

Sue F.

I have been using Noe’s Ark for years and now I have a new puppy and have returned because I love the staff there.

Lorijane H.

I have been taking my dog to Bark Avenue since I moved here 6 years ago. I have always received quality service! All the staff and vets are caring and friendly! I know when my dog goes there, she is getting very good care! I even take my mom there with her pets when she visits. She also feels like her dogs are getting very good care! =)

Diana K.

My seven year old Chihuahua, Joey, was diagnosed with stage four heart murmur. He was treated quickly, with respect and love. My three Chihuahua’s are patients of Bark Avenue Hospital and have been for many years. I appreciate the care that is given each of my dogs and am grateful that I can trust Bark Avenue with all my precious dogs’ needs!

Karen S.

I’m always satisfied with the service from Dr Ainsworth and his staff! It’s not an easy time right now, but the staff are always pleasant and happy. They make us feel welcome even though we are in our vehicle! Thank you!

Georgette O.

Very nice staff, they explained everything very well. Would recommend.

Swilma P.

Bark Avenue is much more concern with the dogs health and care for the future. Staying with Bark Ave. for the long haul. Banfield was concerned with the time line and prescribed medicine again even though it did not work the first time.

Robert B.

The staff at Noe’s Ark is wonderful. Dr. Noe is a kind, knowledgeable person.

Eta Y.

It was really a nice experience they came out and pick up the puppy and then the Vet called me and explained everything they were doing it was really great as aways

Randal A.

We’ve been coming to Bark Ave Veterinary hospital for 4 years now.We appreciate the professional attention of the staff. The Veterinarians are extremely knowledgeable and gentle with our pets.I like that they use homeopathic medicine to treat our animals. They offer great information to assist us in giving good care to our furbabies. I like that the Vets always inform us of our furbabies exam results.

Pamela A.

I brought Sparky in because he was vomiting for two days. It was a Friday and I was concerned about him getting dehydrated with the weekend coming up. The tech took Sparky inside and Dr. Sura called me after examining him, and explained our options for determining the cause and treatment, and the costs of each one. We decided on doing blood -work first, and it revealed he had pancreatitis. She answered all my questions, and then she started the treatment and sent me home with some meds and food. I was concerned about having to wait in the parking lot and sending my sick little guy in by himself, but Dr. Sura and the staff handled everything very professionally and thoroughly with a minimum of wait time. It could not have been a better experience considering the COVID restrictions, and Sparky is now feeling better at home. Noe’s Ark has been my vet for 26 years, and all the vets and staff there have been remarkable and compassionate all these years.

Patricia S.

The staff is always so kind and caring for my pets. They are doing an exceptional job dealing with COVID 19 and making sure everyone is safe. It was very organized and easy to get my Zeus in and get his shot and was even able to talk to the vet. All the while I sat in my car under a covered parking space, which was quite thoughtful.

Frank B.

Dr. Mendolia is an amazing vet. Her knowledge and compassion for both animals and humans shows in everything she does. I recommend her to anyone looking for a great veterinarian who is capable, caring and willing walk you through the the joys and difficulties of pet ownership.

Genevieve H.

Bark Avenue is an awesome place to take your pets. A warm and friendly atmosphere. Friendly and understanding staff. We love the vet that cared for our dog.

Crystal N.

Fantastic experience.
Professional and friendly staff.
Thorough after care instructions and follow up call from staff.
We are truly grateful to all.

Myrna A.

Very personable, took time to explain all issues and all options. Very prompt and professional. Will definitely stay on Bark Avenue. Thanks

Tim W.

Each person seems to appropriately deal with my critters. I enjoy feeling safe with their care.

Kay B.

Staff members were extremely nice, took great care of my little Winston with it being his first visit to the Vet.

Madison M.

I was very happy how my dog Nick was handled. He was in and out faster than I could fill out the paper work for payment. He had his nails trimmed and his annual tests done. He must have not been scared if he allowed all that done within just a few minutes.

Suzanne F.

This was a great experience! Great communication, and even though we could not meet face to face, Dr. Paster answered all of my questions and came up with great solutions for Bella’s DM. I look forward to having her come to back for therapy!

Tena D.

Everyone was so kind! Loved how the tech offered us water – they really take care of the human patients also. The clinic had thoughtfully provided shaded parking with the installation of some temporary carports – SO nice on a hot summer day because that sun coming in the window is Hot, even with the AC running! It was hard to not accompany our dog into the clinic, but it was great to speak with the vet when he was done with his examination. And our dog probably behaved better with us Not being there (he’s very protective). All in all, a great visit!

Donna W.

I have been a customer of Bark Avenue for years, and have always had great experiences with them. The staff have always been friendly, and they work extremely hard to resolve any health issues my pets have had. I will never change vets–my pets and I love Bark Avenue too much!

Ciradessa P.

I have been bringing my pets to Noe’s Ark for many, many years for excellent care. Dr. Noe and the entire staff have always been kind, genuinely caring and very skilled. I am confident that my beloved pets are in the very best hands while under the care of Noe’s Ark.

Elizabeth T.

The setup for limited contact among pet owners is commendable. Everything worked perfectly. I appreciate the thought that was given to both the pet’s and owner’s comfort. Everything was done efficiently and my Sophie was treated with care, as always.

Cathy H.

I am so grateful for all that all the doctors and staff do for our furry kids. They take great care of my dog and cat. A shout out to all the people in the front office and those who work in the back. Doctors are extremely competent and caring as are the staff. Thanks Dr Paster and Dr Ainsworth and thanks Tom.

Kimberley S.

Always get great service at Noe’s Animal Hospital. Fabulous staff-efficient and friendly.

Wally D.

Everyone is very kind and friendly. Though my dog can be a big baby at times they are very patient and understanding. I had to bring her back after she had a reaction to her vaccines and they got her right back and handled the situation with compassion. I appreciate that. Thank you!

Amanda G.

Completely satisfied. Dr Ainsworth very patiently went over every concern we had about our little Doo Dah and informed us about a couple of issues we did not know about. Then he explained what she needed most urgently and why and then took care of her. Then Dr. Ainsworth called us back himself and explained her bloodwork and then took the time again to answer all of our questions. We are very pleased with all of the care from all of the staff ~ from the smart nurse who came out to our car and got our dog – actually picked her up and carried her inside – to the tech who answered our questions when we called back for specifics we needed about an inflatable collar. This is far from our first visit and we’ll keep coming back because we trust Dr Ainsworth and everyone else here who takes such good care of our one fur baby.

Michelle D.

Not only are they taking extra precautions during covid they were very communicative with my dogs care and ensured their best. No wait time and my pup left happy. I highly recommend Bark Avenue for anyone who loves their fur babies.

Casey O.

I LOVE Bark Avenue Pet Resort! My TeddyBear is so excited to go and play with all his new friends. I get daily report cards letting me know how he’s doing and who his new friends are. He is definitely learning about social interactions that are so important to learn now so that later when we travel more he will do great! The staff is wonderful and are always happy to see TeddyBear and he loves them as well!

Michelle C.

Bark Avenue always takes such good care of my four legged gentleman. They are kind and make him feel at ease. They take the time to explain everything and genuinely want the best.

Heather S.

We have been extremely happy with the care of our four dogs. We find the doctors and their extremely knowledgeable and compassionate in the care of our “babies”. Can’t imagine going anywhere else!

Diane C.

Bark Avenue has been my full-service go-to place for my dog for the three years we’ve lived in Mesa. The staff in all three areas are fantastic, the Hospital, the Pet Resort and the Store. We get personalized attention in all. In the Hospital, my dog has experienced most if not all of their services: routine checkups, emergency visits and surgeries. None of those visits have been anything other than very positive. All of the doctors and technicians provide compassion with top level veterinary skill. My dog never experienced any anxiety or negative reaction to any visit to the Hospital. All staff recognize her when she arrives. Same with the Pet Resort. No separation anxiety when she arrives for drop off. She gets ample play time and exercise during her visits. My dog has nearly every allergy imaginable for a dog and the supply store never fails to have the right product for feeding or grooming. And the staff always work with me to ensure they understand what her issues are so that they provide the right product. They’ve never failed us. I strongly recommend Bark Avenue Hospital, Pet Resort and Store to any pet owner. Fantastic services and expert staff. They are top rate in our book!

Chris H.